a new update available, what’s new?


Sony has updated its PS5 console to version 22.02-06.00.01. A new essential or largely dispensable firmware? Here are all the details of the patchnotes.

A 22.02-06.00.01 update is therefore available for the PS5, but unlike the previous one, this one brings nothing but a fix that players are used to.

A routine update available on PS5

Update 22.02-06.00.01 has been rolled out to PS5 and unfortunately nothing new. This firmware is there for the sole purpose of improving system performance. Before installing it, you will need to download the 1.086GB file.

This software update improves system performance.

The previous update was much more interesting for players. Indeed, recently, the console finally supports 1440p resolution for compatible screens. In the game library, you can classify the toy library by theme (current games, my favorite action games, etc.) with “Lists”. Each of them can contain up to 100 titles, and the total of Lists is limited to 15. Social features like screen sharing in Party were also improved.

The next big update 7.00 will occur on March 8, 2023 logically, and will add full support for a widely used application: Discord. Thanks to it, PS5 players will be able to chat through the software with other people who are not necessarily on PlayStation 5.