Call of Duty: Activision addresses cheaters and warns them


In life, no one likes a cheater. This remark also applies to the world of video games. Apart from a perverse kind of satisfaction in spoiling the pleasure of others, a cheater gets nothing out of his misdeeds. No merit. Activision, which prepares the release of Call of Duty Vanguard, knows that many cheaters plague its FPS. And it looks like he’s up to something for them.

Activision posted on the account Twitter official of Call of Duty a clear message for cheaters. In the latter, the developers first insist on their contempt for cheaters. And also seem to warn them:

Dear cheaters, We love games. It’s our passion. We are honored to make games for the biggest fans in the world. We sometimes make mistakes but we are dedicated to doing the best we can. Cheating spoils everyone’s fun. No one likes a cheater. Our goal is to provide a fun and fair gaming experience. For our developers. For our fans. And above all… for Call of Duty gamers everywhere. Cheaters are not welcome. We have no tolerance for cheaters. And you will soon know what we mean by that.

Note that this message from the teams behind the Call of Duty was published yesterday. And it came with a tweet saying “see you tomorrow.” This statement should therefore be clarified in the coming hours.

Can Call of Duty cheats be stopped?

Because indeed, and unfortunately for the curious and those concerned, Activision does not specify what it is referring to here. However, everything suggests that he is preparing to take anti-cheating measures. It now remains to discover these as well as the games concerned.

Finally, it should be remembered that Call of Duty Vanguard is scheduled for November 5. Specifically, it will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

What do you say about this message from the developers of Call of Duty? In reality, can they put an end to the actions of cheaters? Do you think they will always find ways to act? Has cheating ever made you stop playing an online game? Tell us all in the comments below.