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Cyberlogg – human characters and personal story in Cyberpunk 2077

V sits on the concrete wall next to Claire. Behind them and far down is Night City. The view and the distance to the megacity almost make it look beautiful. Almost. The smell of garbage is gone but the air is dry out here. Claire looks away at the commotion at the finish line. She and V have just won a street race and qualified for the final. “I mentioned Dean before,” says Claire in a tone that reveals the seriousness of the conversation. “My husband, you know?” “The wheels of your cart, right,” confirms V, who remembers that he died in a race. “The cutest man I’ve ever known,” she says as her voice softens. “We were friends even before my gender transition. He brought daffodils to the hospital. For a fresh start, he said. “” How long were you married, “V. wonders.” Twelve years. Dean used to joke that for our fifteenth anniversary, he would persuade me to get my first implant. Said he was planning a surprise. ”“ Can I ask why you have no chrome? ”“ I love machines, V, ”she says, looking at V through her fringe. “But I do not ever want to be one. Is it weird? ”“ A little, I guess. But it’s okay. ”“ Dean is the only one who could persuade me to chrome myself. ”Claire’s gaze stares blankly at the asphalt,“ but I guess we will not know if he would succeed, would he? ” We get a sense of where the conversation is going. This is not just a conversation about lost love. It’s no coincidence that Claire enlisted the help of V in the race. “Why are you talking about Dean,” V asks straight out with his edgerunner business voice. She realizes that it was perhaps a little insensitive given the topic of conversation. “A-so why are you telling this now?” Clair’s voice becomes sharp like a nanosharped katana. Now she is serious. ”He died during a race last year. During the final. ” She takes a breath to stabilize. “Not your usual death, though.” Now V understood exactly what this was all about. For Claire, first place in the competition meant nothing. This was about revenge, and it was now that Claire would ask about V’s services. Human and personal In our previous Cyberlogs, we have managed both the first impression on consoles, which unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired in terms of performance, as well as the very well-made environments. Today we will talk a little about the characters and the strength of the stories. The example above is just one of many where I as a player get involved in the characters and their stories. With fantastic acting and well-written dialogues, it is almost impossible not to get involved in the events. When I started playing Cyberpunk 2077, I decided to run a cool and thoughtful character who would not care so much about the moral scale as long as he reaches the goal. But I did not expect the characters to be so convincing that I constantly had to weigh my choices. When Claire told me about her murdered husband and her desire for revenge, I willingly followed and acted as a professional extension of her murderous plan. But when the perpetrator then pleaded for his life, I needed to question whether Claire’s image of her husband was not colored by her grief. The acting and dramaturgy with exciting twists and turns during the assignments keep me constantly engaged in the story. Here, CD Projekt Red has created a fantastic dynamic between the companies’ exploitative oppression, the unrestrained violence in the streets, the sexually conditioned goods and the individuals who are just trying to survive. All their desires and driving forces make the assignments personal and intimate in a way that few games manage to convey. Together with Johnny Silverhand’s guidance (persuasion rather), we also get a strong cyberpunk policy. The whole of the story is just striking and goes hand in hand with the fantastic environments. Apart from the technical weaknesses of the older generation consoles and the bugs that are still crawling around in the code, Cyberpunk 2077 is a fantastic world and story to get lost in. It is a dark and gloomy world, but one so strong that you can not resist! (However, do not bother with pedestrians on the streets. Ordinary NPCs are just boring extras that fill the environment with bodies. Neither acting, graphics or AI on pedestrians is something to hang on the Christmas tree.) We want to thank Bandai Namco for the opportunity to review Cyberpunk 2077

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