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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen – this is what we can look forward to

Weapon Crafting, Hive Guardians, a new weapon class – much awaits when Savathûn arrives.

On February 22, Bungie releases Destiny 2 The Witch Queen for us hungry fans. It will be to go off, towards Savathûn’s own dimension to kill the insidious witch in her abode. And what a dwelling it is! A fort, built on space magic and insidiousness, full of secrets to uncover and monsters to pump full of hail. But she will not fold like paper. At her disposal are her own guardians, the disgusting Hive who somehow got hold of our most sacred weapon in the struggle for survival: the Light!

In The Witch Queen we get to bump our blades against space monsters with the same forces as us! It will certainly be interesting – as long as they do not pretend to be people in PvP. But we will meet them with new weapons at our disposal, handmade through a crafting system that rewards active players. Through crafting, we also get access to the new weapon Glaive – the game’s first melee weapon in the first person perspective. A rod weapon with both blade and hail – perfect!

You can read more about Destiny 2: The Witch Queen on its official website.

Of course, The Witch Queen contains a raid, lots of new weapons, armor and cosmetic items to collect. Even the expansion can be collected as The Witch Queen has several different editions, including one that contains your own little Hive-Ghost. Brr!

Bungie turns 30 – this is celebrated with lots of loot

30 years gives many memories. From Halo to Destiny and more – Bungie is a game studio of rich origins, both in games and humans. This celebrates the studio through one 30th Anniversary Event in Destiny 2 through which players can collect fun rewards that relate to Bungie’s story. We do this in a new activity for 6 players. The activity is free for all players!

Furthermore, those who feel that they want to give back to Bungie (so open your wallet a bit) can buy an Anniversary Pack that gives access to a new dungeon with even more rewards – including a costume inspired by Thorn. Best of all, this dungeon is in the old Loot Caven. You know, from vanilla.

It will also be possible to buy special collectibles and clothing during the 30th anniversary, so if you really want to show which game studio is the best, you can surf on Bungie Store and buy yourself something nice – you’re worth it.

Save one queen – kill the other

The universe is not big enough for two regal mistresses. Mara Sov is finally back, the real queen of Destiny, and we must help her gather her allies. If we are to have any chance of surviving the coming storm (which probably includes the pyramid ships and the evil they represent), humanity needs to ally with the Awoken, the people of the Mara Sovs.

Where do I sign up?

You can read more about Season of the Lost, current season in Destiny 2, on the official website.

Take part in a new activity for 6 players called Astral Alignment and then enter the weekly Shattered Realm quests to propel the story forward and collect glorious rewards in the form of weapons and themed armor. And when you’re high enough, you can enter the Master Lost Sectors for a chance to win new exotic armor: No Backup Plans for the Titans, Radiant Dance Machines for the Hunters and Nothing Manacles for the Warlock.

Expect an exciting season when Mara Sov is reunited with her dead and resurrected brother Jesus – no I drive – Uldren Sov. And become paranoid when Savathûn’s plans go awry without us understanding her motivations. Oh, wonderful times.

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