From the concept art of the leaked Netflix series


It has been several months since Sonic fans and sorivores know that a new anime series recounting the adventures of the Blue Hedgehog and his friends is in the works at Netflix. Thanks to a reckless artist, we now have a little idea of ​​the style of this series called Sonic Prime.

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Sonic is definitely on all fronts right now. After the filming of his second Hollywood feature film, the announcement of several new games and the airing of the concert celebrating his 30th anniversary, the hedgehog in press is this time about him through a leak concerning his new anime series, Sonic prime.

Before changing his mind and deleting what he had posted for obvious reasons, an artist responding to the name of Patrick Horan posted on his page Artstation of the concept art of Sonic Prime on which he worked (about relays by the site Nintendolife):

Here is some concept art I painted for the Netflix Sonic Prime series. I was responsible for cleaning the layout and colors. The poses and designs of the characters were already done.

Any clues about the story?

As it is difficult to say the least to make things disappear once they were published on the Internet, these artworks continued to spread on the web after their removal from Artstation by Patrick Horan. The most interested / curious can also find them in our gallery below.

FYI, Patrick Horan has worked in the past on various anime series like the recent version of Inspector Gadget. And as for Sonic Prime, the latest news is in a 24-episode series the result of a collaboration between Netflix, WildBrain (Bob Le Bricoleur, Inspecteur Gadget, Tempte de Boulettes Gantes) and Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10, The New Heroes).

The time this is written, Sonic Prime does not yet have a specific release date. Netflix has simply indicated that the series is scheduled for 2022.