I am shamelessly fond of Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact is that game that has been branded as a Breath of the Wild copy and soulless cheater. The graphic style and game mechanics are certainly borrowed directly from Nintendo’s bestsellers, but Genshin Impact is so much more than an atmospheric adventure. It is an animated role-playing game, complete with character development, a variety of missions and bubbling cities. It has engaging combat mechanics and an intricate and well-constructed world with political factions and history.

And what’s really wrong with borrowing the best from a successful game and making it your own?

Genshin Impact

Genshim Impact is developed by the relatively young studio Mihoyo, which until recently had great success with the mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd. It is an open world action RPG that is free-to-play. It has a strong focus on freedom and you can climb and soar, and with the help of the magic of the elements, even walk on water, freeze enemies to ice and set fire to your surroundings. The game is funded through a so-called gacha system, where players buy tickets with a chance to win weapons and new characters to play (more on that soon).

Teyvat – a world to get lost in

I love The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and classifies it as one of the best games of all time. Much of what made Breath of the Wild such a fantastic and wonderful game can also be found in Genshin Impact. But if you take away the huge world, the freedom to explore it and the puzzle elements, a game that is more of a kawaii cross between Raid: Shadow Legends and Tales of Zestiria, than Zelda.

The first thing I noticed was the appearance of the story. Well-arranged and pompous as anime game usually is, I was thrown into the action. This was followed by a solid and well-directed introduction that calmly and pedagogically took me through all the different activities. Meanwhile, I was captivated by the quality of the game. Voice acting, cinematic sequences, mysterious enemies and a sense of adventure made the hours just disappear.

Genshim Impact is one of the finest anime games I’ve played in a long time. The environments have an inviting color palette and arouse curiosity with the varied geography. And every time you acknowledge your curiosity, the game rewards you with a small treasure chest, resources, puzzles to solve or challenges to overcome. Unexpected events can occur, enemies can be ambushed and NPCs are encountered spontaneously. It never gets really monotonous or monotonous. Along with a low-key and atmospheric soundtrack, I always have a nice time.

Perhaps the downside is that the hours fly by.

Genshin Impact vista at sunset.
At the time of writing, there are only two regions in Teyvat, but they are absolutely huge – and beautiful!

When I embarrassingly clocked many hours in the game, I discovered to my surprise that Genshin Impact has deep and complex systems for character development and min-maxing of stats. Here you will find lots of hidden mechanics to play with and master. Such as elemental effects within the group, the connection between different characteristics and potential builds each character can achieve.

It was also when I increased my adventure rank (a kind of difficulty system that dictates the enemies’ level and drop chances) that I realized that I can not force myself through certain battles, but have to adapt my characters and strategies when I fight the many different bosses. A mighty flower of ice almost requires you to use fire, not to mention the sudden need for food that buffs you. The insights aroused new impetus where planning became essential (Genshin Impact is a great game that easily distracts you). Role-playing fans who love the entertainment work the genre often carries with them will be full in Genshin.

NOTE: Genshin Impact uses a stamina system familiar in other free mobile games, but I do not experience this as an obstacle as long as you do not play more than four to five hours daily.

Engaging combat mechanics that are closely linked to payments

If you play alone, the battles are reminiscent of the Tales series, but instead of the characters being tied to separate buttons, you switch between the four characters you currently have in the group. Each of the characters has its own special attacks and elements that react with the characteristics of the other characters. The fun of battles – and the challenge of the more difficult content – is finding strong synergies between the characters and methods of surprising specific enemies. It is very entertaining to mix and match characters and the equipment they have to create a style of play that suits you.

However, it is also in the exploration of combat mechanics and the pursuit of character development that the game’s pay wall becomes apparent. Typically for gacha games, a significant part of the loot is located at its gacha (think lootboxes). There are methods to get good weapons and equipment for free, but these are few in number and not of the same class as those you can get by buying draws in the store (in Genshin Impact called desires). In the same way, the majority of the characters are also behind the paywall. It is for this reason that a desire to buy arises – you want to get more out of your characters.

Gotta gacha ’em all – the risk of gacha

Imagine that 99% of all Pokémon were in lootboxes. You start with a Caterpie and a Magikarp. You can manage the game with just the two of them, but there are so many other, good, Pokémon that you could get by paying. You get the credit card, but only get a couple of poké balls and a few potions. The chance of getting a Pikachu is 0.6%.

It is Genshin Impact.

The incentive to make gacha purchases is not just that the characters and weapons you get are numerically better. When you get a new character through draws, they start at level 1 with the lowest possible stats. The potential lies in the combination of their skill-sets, weapons and elements. However, there is a strong attraction in the characters’ design! They have more exciting looks, clearer personality and have a wow factor to them that the free characters lack.

I want to say that the purchase incentive for Genshin Impact is half their mechanical functionality and time potential, and half their design. This is as much a waifu and housebo collector game as pokémon is a monster collector game. Getting just that shitty guy with a sword, or that cute chibi-girl-who-awakens-parenting instincts is an essential part of the charm of Genshin Impact – and when that part of the gaming experience is behind a ridiculously expensive lottery system with lousy odds, you get a little anxious.

For that reason, it is so incredibly difficult to recommend Genshin Impact to others. I can not say that the game is fantastic without clarifying that it is deeply rooted in lotteries that are out on pay-to-win waters.

The argument I want to make is that the game is free, you can get an incredible amount of enjoyment and entertainment without spending a dime. I myself am even prepared to pay the developers for their battle pass for a hundred bucks, or buy a 30-day currency buffet for 58 SEK, because it is low sums that do not excite me to buy draw after draw on the gachan.

During the past week, I have managed to collect enough gems (the gacha currency) to switch to 30 gacha draws. It is a completely feasible route for you who want to drive for free. It only takes a little less time of course. Genshin Impact is very generous in that way and it does not bother you to buy draws. On the contrary, it is a function on the side.

But these husbandos then!

Fantastic game with great potential and highly addictive

Would I rate Genshin Impact here and now it would get a strong eight, maybe even a nine if it had a little more activity and content (which is confirmed for future updates). It is a very entertaining game that you can play on both computer, smartphone and Playstation 4. You can explore, craft, take on battle challenges, level characters and do various missions. The characters are charming and the story is exciting enough to appeal to role-playing game fans.

Genshin Impact is a well-polished role-playing game that embarrasses other online games. It gives you access to the entire game for zero kroner – but with a strong incentive to buy draws. If you are looking for a guilty pleasure to lose yourself in, look no further. Just make sure to be restrained with the draws.