Pentiment achievement list “impossible” to complete in one playthrough


It’s almost time for the gorgeous-looking Pentiment to drop into Xbox Game Pass — director Josh Sawyer tells us a little about what to expect from the game’s achievements.

The narrative-driven historical adventure game Pentiment launches for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass next week on November 15th. We reached out to Obsidian to learn more, with director Josh Sawyer giving a few hints on what to expect with achievements.

Pentiment launches into Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on November 15th

“Achievement design is difficult because some devs have the mentality that achievements should be designed specifically for achievement hunters and others want it to feel a little more organic and less structured around a metagaming strategy,” Sawyer begins. “I fall into the latter camp, so achievements are more reflective of a player’s individual path through the game. It’s impossible to get all of the achievements in a single playthrough, but it’s possible to get about 80% of them in one run. I think the trade-off is that if a player does a single run, the achievement reflects their choices. Anyone who 100%s our achievements has played the game several times.”

Decision-making and the consequences of our choices play a big part in Pentiment, and we can expect some achievements tied to these different choices. “Most notably, the people you accuse of murder can change on each playthrough (and only one will ever be found guilty on a single run). Additionally, there’s not enough time to do everything and you can be locked off from certain events that become available the next time you play the game.”

If that phrase “people you accuse of murder” brought you up short, here’s what Pentiment’s about: we play as illustrator Andreas Maler in 16th century Bavaria, who somehow becomes involved in investigating a series of murders across a period of 25 years. Interested? Want to know more? Keep an eye on TrueAchievements this weekend for the full interview with Josh Sawyer! In the meantime, check out Tom’s thoughts in his Pentiment hands-on — and we have a whole big list of everything coming to Game Pass in 2022 and beyond, so you can check out what’s on the horizon.

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