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Review: Halo Infinite – SENSES

One night, quite exactly 20 years ago, I see my brother playing a brand new game on his Xbox. He had the first Xbox connected to a 13-inch, square thick TV with mono sound – but that did not matter, because the game was huge. It was exciting, fast-paced and with a good story. So we’re moving forward in time and now I’m sitting with the sixth part of the Halo series; Halo Infinite on a 65 inch 4K Dolby Vision TV, Dolby Atmos in the sound system and realize that all this is just fluff. The most important thing is whether the game is good or bad.

Photo: © 2021 - 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios - Halo Infinite - Landscape
Photo: © 2021 – 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios

Master Chief faces its biggest challenge to date; the war is more or less lost but there is always a streak of hope left. In addition to the usual engaging story and graphics, this time we get to guide Master Chief through an open world, which is full of dangers.

Halo Infinite is accurate all which I want in a Halo game – plus a little more. The controls are recognizable and, as usual, they are tight and perfectly balanced. The battles are difficult, but never boring injustice. Do not know how many games I have frustrated turned off after trying on an extremely difficult section and it happens not with Halo Infinite. You often die – of course – but every battle and every solution is still fun so you want to keep going. Only-once-to-the-factor is twisted to 11 and I could not stop!

Halo Infinite have check points in very convenient places and that is also a reason why it never gets boring. It’s not far between reboots, so you never have to replay particularly long pieces to get back to where you were.

Halo Infinite has incredibly beautiful graphics, with lots of details. Light, smoke and other things look superb and even if I sit on one Xbox One X then it flows perfectly without lag (we return with impressions from Series). And then I have not even come to the most impressive bit…

Photo: © 2021 - 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios - Halo Infinite - industrial
Photo: © 2021 – 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios

At the beginning of the game it is just as usual, you have a mission where you have to go from A to B and pick up / leave / destroy / fix something. Then, when we land with the spaceship later in the game, the world opens up and you can choose which mission you want to do first. New missions appear as close as possible and then there are of course story missions that take the game forward. I can not even try to express how fun it is to take a Warthog and vips so two soldiers hop on the car with you (if there are any nearby) and you can go on the next mission together. So there are no limits to this; “Is not a vehicle track” but all assignments you can bring another vehicle with you, if you want. You can also go around the whole map and explore new areas completely on your own. This may be commonplace in most other games, but it’s something special when it’s in Halo for this kind of freedom I have always wanted in this world.

Multiplayer mode is well done and fun. As usual, there are various assignments such as capture the flag or deathmatch. You can choose to run a simple Quickplay or you can join tournaments and be up to twelve people per team. The problem with all multiplayer gaming is that there are people out there who do nothing but play online so be prepared to go on properly with the rod. The first five times I did not manage to shoot down a single enemy. But it only lights the fire in your chest and you want to give again. In the end, you will be better ranked and end up in better company, so towards the end of the evening (..night / editor’s note) it started to loosen up. Halo Infinite also has something I have not seen in other games and that is that you can practice on the multiplayer tracks against bots, so you can be a little prepared for what is to come. This is an incredibly good feature as you really need to know where all the shields, weapons and grenades are laid out to be able to have any kind of chance.

Photo: © 2021 - 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios - Halo Infinite - urban warfare
Photo: © 2021 – 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios

In conclusion, I can not be more impressed Halo Infinite game-wise. I had a very good view of the first one Halotrilogy but I have less control over this. I have played Halo 4 and Halo 5, but I never finished playing them because I did not get stuck in the same way I did this time. So there may be something in what the fans are saying Halo got a little worse when Bungie disappeared and 343 Industries took over. But with Halo Infinite so I feel again that Halothe feeling is great and the only negative I can find with the game is one thing; the vehicle controls are still confusing: I want to accelerate with the left trigger do not honk !!

Halo Infinite is clearly one must – one of the best games of the year is just coming

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