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Review: Niffelheim (iOS) – SENSES

Collect, build, fight – and then the same thing. Again and again and again …

Niffelheim (actually Nifelheim, or Nivelheim) is the name of an ice kingdom in the north, according to Norse mythology and metaphorically it is also used as the name of the underground realm of the dead. Today’s viewing saw the light of day for the first time already in 2016, but is now being released iOS so you can play it on your iPhone, iPad or why not Apple TV?

Press image: Ellada Games - Niffelheim - copyright 2021 - Outside creepy looking place.
Press photo: Ellada Games

The character we control can only go left or right and in addition you have a number of different choices. You can fight, cut down trees, collect herbs and the like and create things. There are doors and entrances everywhere that you can enter. Niffelheim is a great game with lots of places to visit. The upgrade possibilities feel almost endless. The graphics are nice, but with many details such as weather and wind, which create depth and feeling. The enemies you encounter, on the other hand, are stupider than stone and it is important to fight until you or they die. The problem is that it exists No any skill involved, but it all depends only on whether you are enough strong, has enough good protection and have one enough good weapon to cope with the enemy. When you die, your total number of body points is lowered (until you have built them up again) and you also get the pleasure of going and retrieving your body, in the best roguelike spirit. To get better and stronger, you have to collect as many things as you like, as you need lots of different building blocks to be able to create good enough equipment and meet the challenges you face.

Press image: Ellada Games - Niffelheim - copyright 2021 - Outside Bear Dungeon.
Press photo: Ellada Games

The problem becomes that entertainment that Niffelheim represents what I really do not like about many games: when it all becomes one Job, instead of relaxation. You have to find every little piece of wood to be able to move on and attack your enemies. Had there at least been a functioning combat unit – where yours skill decide – so it would have been more exciting. Now just hold down a button until it’s over.

Press image: Ellada Games - Niffelheim - copyright 2021 - Fighting dragon.
Press photo: Ellada Games

So in the beginning you die again and again and every time you become weaker, so you die yet faster. Instead of fighting, you get to play pack-ass simulator. The things you collect you can either put together into other things or build armor and weapons from. You can also build your castle and decorate it.

Press photo: Ellada Games - Niffelheim - copyright 2021 - Outside Castle.
Press photo: Ellada Games

In conclusion, I did not dig Niffelheim, mostly maybe because this kind of game is not my cup of tea. I want a game where mine skill plays into the result. Not that I micro-manage a hoarder with an extremely large backpack. But because the graphics are nice, the ambition is high and – for you who like games like this – it’s going to be a nice lyre for a little money for your iOS gadget.

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