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Review: Paw Patrol – On a Roll!

Finally a game you can play with younger children (from three years and up).

Everyone who is a parent of young children is probably familiar with the Canadian animated television series Paw Patrol. A slightly diabetic-inducing collection of puppies that rush out to save the day. Each puppy has his name and his profession / specialty – the police dog Chase, is a German Shepherd, Skye is a flying cockapoo who is as happy as she is brave and so on. Together, the gang is always ready to help others in need with a big smile on their face, which of course is a wonderful role model for young children.

paw patrol ps4 games for young children
Photo: Outright Games LTD

But just watching TV is not very developing, so I became curious about the game Paw Patrol: On a Roll! My children are 4 and 2 years old and even though they are starting to cheer on the first bit of Addams Family on the NES (much thanks to the perfectly child-adapted hand control that is large enough and with just enough buttons), it felt like it needed variety and something a little more modern.

Paw Patrol: On a Roll! is a very simple, side-scrolling platform game. You control one puppy at a time, jump over obstacles and pick up dog biscuits and gold badges along the way. From time to time you have to pull on a leash or use one of the dog’s two special abilities (one push of a button, the game tells when) or call for backup from another, computer-controlled puppy when the current ability is not enough.

paw patrol call backup
Photo: When you can not move on, you can call for backup. Like here, where the bulldog Rubble clears away large boulders.

It is a pleasant and kind gaming experience, here there is no time pressure and no enemies or traps that can kill you. Your puppy can jump or double jump and it is possible to run the exclusion method at the touch of a button for special abilities. For the four-year-old, it was absolutely perfect, as soon as she got a reasonably large hand control to play with (recommends Hori Wired Mini Gamepad, despite the cable). The two-year-old was a little small for this, but it was mostly due to the controls, as she otherwise understood well what she was going to and wanted to do, but the surface became too large and the motor skills a little too complicated. Would appreciate that this is a good game from three years and up (until you need something more challenging to bite into). Great even for you who are a trophy hunter, as it is easy to take home platinum (or all gamer points on Xbox).

Photo: Each dog has a special ability, firefighter Marshall can spray water.

Graphically, we are not talking about an advanced or masterpiece, but it works well for the purpose and the target group. The graphics are similar enough to the TV series and the sound is also perfectly OK. A big minus is that the game completely lacks Swedish speech, which really would have been perfect, as the boy Ryder (who leads Paw Patrol) gives tips and prompts throughout the game. Unfortunately, only English is spoken here, which is too difficult for an average 3-4 year old. Keep your fingers crossed that the next Paw Patrol game, coming this fall – Paw Patrol – Mighty Pups: Save Adventure Bay, November 6 – has Swedish numbers. Will be back with a review of it as it approaches release.

A simple, nice and very easy, game for you who want to introduce your child to the magical world of modern console gaming. There is a bit of a shortage of good video games for really young children, so Paw Patrol: On a Roll! is truly one of the best (and few available) in the genre, which is otherwise heavily dominated by games and touchpad apps. If you can sit down and translate the English that is spoken (not absolutely necessary, but still a little fun and helpful) then this is a given purchase.

Footnote: Paw Patrol can be seen on Viaplay.

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