Shit! Tom Holland’s Uncharted Movie Makes Its Netflix Debut


Netflix unknown movie 1

Six months after a hugely successful $400 million theatrical run, Sony Pictures’ action-packed Uncharted has been added to the netflix catalog in the U.S. The film, which stars Tom Holland as cheeky pickpocket Nathan Drake, offers a fun adaptation of Naughty Dog’s brand of buccaneering with some spectacular settings, making it perfect for popcorn watching.

In general, we were quite positive about the film in our Movie review: “You just have to take Uncharted for what it is: an explosive joyride through idyllic settings with plenty of eye candy (Holland spends at least a fifth of the film shirtless, and it’s clear he’s been living with a diet of Pomegranate Bars and fried chicken judging by the size of her chest),” we said.

Unfortunately, there’s still no sign of the film in the UK Netflix catalogue, and there’s no telling when it might be available on these shores. Of course, in this age of VPNs, you may still be able to connect with a little knowledge. Are you going on a scavenger hunt with Tom Holland this weekend? X marks the spot in the comments section below.