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Call of Duty: Vanguard is one of the most anticipated titles of this end of the year. The expectation is always very high as soon as a new opus is announced on the license of Activision. Well imagine that we had the chance to see very closely what the next part of the famous saga has in store for us and we tell you everything you need to know.

As you know, Sledgehammer Games is taking the reins for the development of this new component. After having made a homecoming with Call of Duty: WWII the studio continues on its spear with Vanguard. Indeed, the theater of operations is still on the side of the Second World War.

This time the title invites us to dive into the various conflicts that have taken place on the globe. Whether in Europe, Africa, the Eastern Front or in the Pacific, the idea of ​​the developers was to tell a different story each time.

Brothers in Arms

The studio wants to focus on the birth of special forces through a group of 4 soldiers with different nationalities:

  • Sergeant Arthur kingsley (British)
  • Lieutenant Polina petrova (Russian)
  • Captain Wade jackson (American)
  • Second Lieutenant Lucas riggs (Australian)

The emphasis has of course been placed on the background of these four characters. These are veterans who have excelled in various theaters of operations, whether in the freezing cold of Siberia, on the Pacific coast or in the heart of ravaged Europe. The latter will be brought together to stand up against a common enemy.

Heinrich? A hairpiece !?

Our soberly named group Task Force One aims to shed light on the Phoenix Project. Project to revive the late Third Reich (which was to last 1000 years) and its ideology after the death of a certain dictator by the name of Adolf Hitler. To put an end to this diabolical project, this elite group must get their hands on Heinrich Fresinger, the director of the Gestapo.

The latter, after the fall of Berlin and the rout of the German army, wishes at all costs to carry out this diabolical plan. It is also good to note that this campaign mode will be 100% linear and will not offer branch lines like Black Ops Cold War… If we can not say more about the sequence of events, inevitably we are promised many twists and an end that we imagine dantesque. Let’s hope for it.

We believe it

This new part of the saga is powered by the in-house engine, the famous Call of Duty Engine. However, the latter has undergone some modifications in order to be connected with today’s machines and thus provide an ever more realistic and “credible” rendering. We were able to see a piece of the countryside at night in Europe. The overall rendering was simply impressive. And in particular by its different play of light and contrasts.

It is clear thatCoD Vanguard looks technically sound and offers totally next-gen rendering quality. This part of the campaign allowed us to follow a parachute rifleman whose landing brought him right into the German lines. Left on his own, he must survive and try to find his family …

Danger is clearly everywhere and it is a time of pure stress where enemies can appear from anywhere. The shows portion remained linear solo and therefore script as said above, but that does not prevent the recipe from always working just as well, as long as the genre suits you.

As explained, the Sledgehammer studio wishes above all to offer a “realistic and hard vision” of this part of the Second World War. In addition to the technical part, realism also involves sound design where the emphasis has been placed on the weapons as well as the various vehicles.

The Multi at the top

This part of the game is of course very important for the studio and especially the players, as the developers have pointed out. They want to offer even more content for the release of the title. As such, we can therefore count on 20 maps at launch, including 16 only for the heart of the multiplayer. A good thing compared to WWII which had only a few levels when it was released, which had somewhat frustrated purists of the genre.

In addition to the usual gameplay which is necessarily nervous and speedy, it will now be possible to use the environment to create openings. The partial destruction of some sets allows the mad player to smash furniture, windows or doors. Ideal for a certain Trazom, who was just waiting for this to get started.

Obviously who says Call of Duty says customization of weapons and this one is obviously present. the gunsmith in particular will be there, which immediately rejoiced Camille, master of arms and other advanced ballistic systems. This is again this famous gameplay mechanic allowing you to customize your weapons according to different blueprints available.

A new game mode called “Champion hill” is also appearing. This game mode consists of competing in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 in small arenas and that in tournament mode. It will be necessary to go to the end of the 4 maps without losing a part to emerge victorious. We just have to wait and see how it all comes together with the gameplay.

Zombie mode is here too!

As the title ostensibly suggests, the famous putrid game mode will also be featured. Treyarch is in command of this expected mode of all, and wants to make a connection with Black Ops Cold War. The goal ? Create a consistent universe while playing on familiar ground. The fact that it’s Treyarch who is in charge proves that they are taking care of their world and the gameplay for this new Zombiesque mode.

What about Warzone?

After Treyarch in Zombie mode, it’s Raven Software’s turn to shine with integrating Vanguard into Warzone. The latter will indeed take care of incorporating the new map in the famous battle royale which is a hit on current internets.

A new anti-cheat system will be present on the PC version as soon as the Vanguard map arrives. The new weapons and operators will also be integrated while taking care not to imbalance the current gameplay.

Developers will undoubtedly be showering us with new and abundant content throughout the year with new maps, new playlists and plethora of events to follow like milk on fire.

Coming to you soon!

Call of Duty: Vanguard will arrive on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S on November 5, 2021.

This new part of Call of Duty clearly makes you want to know more and especially to have it in hand, like almost every part in fact. There is especially the desire to see more of the side of the single player world but also multiplayer. Indeed, there are still some gray areas to clear up concerning the maps, the gameplay itself and its balancing. Warzone also remains one of the main attractions of this section and we must also pay attention to the integration of the Vanguard map and the continuity of the story initiated by Modern Warfare. The desire to know more is furiously present and this first glimpse given by the developers obviously tickled our curiosity.

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