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Summer Game Fest — TrueAchievements predictions

Summer Game Fest is coming and the TA news team is trying to predict what announcements, trailers, teases, and hardware might be announced at the string of gaming events coming over the next few days.

It’s that time of the year! Everyone gets together to watch E3 2022 Summer Game Fest and tries to work out what kind of madness is going to happen. This year, it’s spread out over multiple events and we — the TA and TT news teams — are going to take a swing at a few predictions.

Summer Game Fest predictions from TrueGaming Network

These are split into one thing we think is as good as a definite, one thing we think is a maybe, and one thing that would be wild, dude. Here are some predictions about the predictions: Heidi will guess about a game with cute animals with mysteriously ill-placed limbs that defy Darwinism. Kes will say something about pirates because that’s his only notable quirk. Luke will be actually really good at this, so no shade thrown. Sean will grumble, grumble, grumble… but then be really excited about something silly and it’ll be cute. Tom will absolutely love the existence of something Microsoft makes that is blatantly useless, but it will have an Xbox logo on it. Let’s see, shall we?

What will surely be revealed at Summer Game Fest?


Heidi — Hogwarts Legacy gameplay/release date

We are somehow already halfway through 2022, and that “holiday 2022” launch window for Hogwarts Legacy is looming ever nearer. Aside from a slightly random ASMR video, the latest look at the game we had was during a State of Play event, which gave us over 14 minutes of gameplay footage. We of the TrueAchievements news team have been as patient as we can — analysing each bit of new footage, collating a list of other magical Xbox games to try and distract us until Hogwarts Legacy arrives — but it feels as though Summer Game Fest would be the prime time for something more definite. Perhaps a specific date for when we can pack our bags and head off to Hogwarts?


Kes — Skull and Bones re-revealed

Ahoy there, fellow member of this fine little sandy islet I call home! Enjoy the heat of anticipation beating down on you for 12 hours a day, the seas of endless imagination left unfulfilled rippling before you, and the hope imbued in you by the vessel that will one day rescue us from our current situation. You see, we’ve plainly been marooned here for nigh on ten years by Skull & Bones and frankly, I’m ready to leave on a hyped-up ship called Summer Game Fest carrying word of Ubisoft’s online pirate game. We’ve been teased and seen some trailers we weren’t supposed to see: I’m ready for this announcement. Gosh, it’s made me feel worse than Charles Vane must’ve done after a hurricane left him stranded in 1719. Though, Vane did get hanged immediately after being saved; I hope Skull & Bones doesn’t replicate that part of my stupid ‘marooned’ metaphor.


Luke — New MultiVersus character reveals

As with a few of these ‘safe’ picks, MultiVersus shows up in the SGF teaser trailer, so it’s a shoo-in really and I’ll tailor my prediction to be slightly more specific. Given that bunch of folks already got to play and enjoy the crazy crossover chaos during the closed alpha test, announcing some new characters or properties that will somehow make the stupid roster even stupider seems like the logical next step for Warner’s platform fighter. With all kinds of leaks and a near-bottomless pool of characters to bring to life, it could be just about anyone. Still, give us the Powerpuff Girls as a Smash Pokémon Trainer-style three-in-one character or we riot.


Sean — GoldenEye 007 revealed

It’s the middle of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, and while there have been some excellent and exciting announcements, the last two haven’t exactly set the world on fire. The screen goes dark. It’s quiet. You could hear a pin drop, and for a brief moment, you think: “Is it over? Was that all Microsoft had to offer?” Suddenly, DO-DO DOOOO DO-DO DOOOOO DO-DO DO-DO blares out of your speakers and a rough-looking but higher-resolution N64 version of James Bond starts striding across the screen before aiming his PP7 at you and opening fire. It’s the GoldenEye 007 remaster!

This simply has to be an announcement at the showcase — we’ve seen leak after leak with this so-far-unannounced remaster. We first picked up the GoldenEye 007 achievements back in January, which showed that Rare developers were actually unlocking achievements in the game. Since then, we’ve seen more achievement unlocks, the list appearing on with stat tracking, and Rare uploading new achievement art and even changing some achievement names. I have no doubt we’ll see this at the showcase, but one thing I’m not sure about is if it will be a shadow-drop. I think Microsoft will release this on or around GoldenEye 007’s 25th anniversary, which would be on August 25th. Either way, I’m confident we’ll get some GoldenEye news on the 12th.


Tom — Redfall gameplay revealed

At this point, we’re almost guaranteed to see Redfall appear in some form during the Xbox showcase on Sunday. Considering it was originally set to launch at the end of this year before its recent delay, I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility that we’ll get an eyeful of its vampire-mashing action. Being a fan of co-op survival games and having a soft spot for anything supernatural or horror-related, Redfall commanded my attention during last year’s reveal. Sure, it was only a cinematic trailer, but with its superpower-focused gameplay, vibrantly colourful aesthetic, and the fact that Arkane is the studio behind it, I knew it was going to be a game I’d look forward to. I’d be very surprised if the first gameplay isn’t shown this year — in fact, I don’t think I’d be much more surprised than if someone actually shoved a stake through my own heart.

What might be revealed at Summer Game Fest?


Heidi — Slime Rancher 2 release date

I feel pretty confident about this prediction (although I said the same about last year’s guesses, which were wildly off) but since the announcement of Slime Rancher 2 was almost exactly a year ago at 2021’s Xbox Showcase, it seems only fitting that we see more of it this week — especially since we haven’t actually seen much of anything since that announcement. We did have the chance to chat to game director Nick Popovich for more info in our Slime Rancher 2 interview, but really, it’s about time we were shown something new — all we’ve had recently are a couple of gorgeously colourful screenshots to tide us over. Slime Rancher 2 is currently set to arrive sometime this year, so maybe we’ll get a new trailer with a shiny release date attached? We can only hope…


Kes — The Last of Us Remake and Factions announced

PlayStation boy here, reporting in. The Last of Us is really good. I want it on PS5. A second remake/remaster is supposed to be released in September this year. So where is the announcement? Summer Game Fest… I think. Naughty Dog has been teasing it all year and I think four months is probably the fastest turnaround you can get away with from announcement to release even though everyone already knows what The Last of Us is. I’m just wondering, though, if its multiplayer will be announced to be the massive Factions mode we have been hearing about for so long. PlayStation Studios is expecting to publish two more live-service games by the end of April 2023, after all…


Luke — Dragon’s Dogma 2 revealed

I’m heavily invested in this, so I’ve got to stick with it. Still, the stars do all seem to be aligning — director of the original game, Hideaki Itsuno, announced that he had started on a still-unannounced new project with a brand new team just weeks after shipping Devil May Cry 5 in 2019, Dragon’s Dogma celebrated its tenth anniversary just last month with a full refresh of the official site for a decade-old game, and while Capcom’s own shows tend to focus on existing announcements, the firm is no stranger to turning up at the primary platform holders’ showcases with new and exciting things (see: Exoprimal and Street Fighter 6 at recent Sony events, DMC5 on the Xbox stage at E3 2018). DD2 would be well-poised to cash in on the Elden Ring hype before that dies off, so this could follow in the footsteps of From’s game and be a Geoff special at SGF Live, but I think the Xbox Showcase might be a little more likely given Capcom’s prior form.


Sean — Xbox Game Pass family plan

It’s been rumoured for a while now, but I think we’ll finally see more on an Xbox Game Pass family plan. In 2020, Phil Spencer said that Microsoft was interested in creating some sort of family offering, but nothing has really materialised since then. However, earlier this year, it was reported that Microsoft was moving ahead with a family plan for the subscription service that would give five players access to Xbox Game Pass for a cheaper price than the cost of five separate Game Pass subscriptions. Of course, Microsoft is yet to officially announce anything, but I think if it has its cards in order, the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase would be the perfect place to announce such a consumer-friendly plan.


Tom — Dead Island 2 re-announced

Surely 2022 is the year we hear from Deep Silver about its elusive zombie game, right? This probably could have gone into my dream category, but unlike my Lollipop Chainsaw prediction, Deep Silver has actually dropped various teases about Dead Island 2. Additionally, the publisher actually said that the game wouldn’t feature in last year’s E3, yet we’ve had no word on the matter this time around. Could this be it? Could this be the moment when the world is introduced to the game that, at this point, seems more unlikely than an actual zombie apocalypse? Yeah, it’s probably not, but I have my dreams, dammit!

I’m in dreamland — this would be wild!


Heidi — Age of Mythology (again)

I’m bringing this prediction back again out of sheer denial. It didn’t happen last year and it looks highly unlikely that we’ll hear anything about Age of Mythology this year either — but that won’t stop me from standing on my soapbox and insisting that we deserve something, anything Age of Mythology-related. I’ll be honest — as much as I love the Age of Empires games, there’s something even more tantalising about Age of Mythology and it’s breakneck dash through Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology. Even the parts of it that don’t really stand the test of time are iconic in their own way, from the sassy and put-upon sigh from a newly-created villager to the wooden movement of Atlantean general Arkantos and the cheesy (but timeless) voice acting. It’s probably the game I’ve replayed the most, and as long as the devs keep hinting that they haven’t forgotten Age of Mythology entirely, I’ll continue to shout the game’s merits to anyone who will listen.


Kes — Anything on IO Interactive’s Project 007

IO Interactive did the latest three games in the Hitman series and I literally cannot think of a better fit for a James Bond game. I am a huge Bond fan and have recently been heading to the cinema every week to catch the old Bond’s on the big screen for the 60th anniversary (Thunderball is so good, Goldfinger is getting worse every year), and it has my imagination firing on all cylinders. Missions set up as independent stages with non-linear investigations? Oh my good lord Bernard Lee, yes, please. Outfitting Bond with gadgets and pistols in Q branch instead of a weapon select screen? Please my lord and saviour, Judy Dench. A non-movie story that might actually match the pomp of Nightfire or Blood Stone? That would be the best thing since Louis Maxwell. This is my most hotly anticipated game in the next few years, so any sneak peek would be welcome, but I just don’t think we will get it!


Luke — Tekken 8 announced

We’ve gone more than seven years since the last mainline Tekken first launched, and as much as I love SoulCalibur VI, it’s got to be time for the King of Iron Fist tournament to return soon, right? We’ve seen familiar Tekken faces pop up all over the place lately, from Kazuya joining the Smash Bros. roster to an extremely confusing VF5 crossover that melted my brain by showing my main from one game fighting while dressed up as my main from the other. Also, there aren’t enough games out there where family members keep getting thrown off cliffs and into volcanoes by one another then just get better, nor are there enough great new 3D fighters around right now — get it teased this weekend, show off some more at Evo in August (which, in truth, is probably the more likely place for a reveal), and let’s get the gang back together for some more King of Iron Fisticuffs.


Sean — Hideo Kojima announces his rumoured horror game for Xbox

I don’t think this will happen, but a boy can dream, right? There’s a rumour currently doing the rounds about legendary game designer Hideo Kojima’s next game. It’s reportedly a third-person horror game (a first-person mode is also rumoured) called Overdose that stars Death Stranding’s Margaret Qualley. Many are hoping that whatever this game is will be similar to the infamous Silent Hills PT playable teaser. What I’d love to see is Kojima bring this game, if it even exists, to Xbox. It was rumoured a while back that Kojima was in talks with Microsoft for a new Xbox game, so it’s not too farfetched to think that maybe whatever Overdose is could get announced for Xbox (either as an exclusive or for all platforms, I don’t really care) at either the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase or Summer Game Fest Live. Give us the goods, Kojima!


Tom — Lollipop Chainsaw remake/sequel announced

Kes was indeed correct with his introductory prediction for me — I was originally going to use this for a hopeful mention that we would see the reveal of an Xbox-emblazoned stand for the mini-fridge (semi-claiming this now), but I instead decided to once again come in with Lollipop Chainsaw. I can just imagine it now… Suda51’s face appears on the screen with a dastardly grin, as a chorus of “we are all animals, we are all cannibals” slowly gains momentum in the background before reaching its crescendo at the same time as Juliette’s chainsaw rips through the screen. I dream about this moment regularly. I should probably speak to a professional about it, but I don’t want it to go away. Instead, I’ll fill this slot every year until it happens. Love it or hate it, I’m never going to stop. We are all animals…

Boss round: Rich’s predictions (that’s a funny joke because he is actually our boss, please clap)

Wow. So many predictions; so much false hope; so much fun. Geoff Keighley is up there, floating on his cloud made out of many Lakitus, laughing at us. So are you, probably, down there in the comments. So what are you hoping and/or expecting to see in the next week? Let us know!

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