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Tackling your first ship in hard space: Shipbreaker

Is this your first day at work?

Don’t worry, working in a zero gravity storage shed isn’t nearly as scary or difficult as people say. Plus, LYNX Corporation has all of your genetic data on file in case something goes wrong on day one. If you blow yourself up breaking down a difficult ship, we’ll bring you right back, no hassle at all. You will of course have to pay for it; safety and security always come at a price!

Still, everyone’s first day can be tricky, so we’re going to help you salvage your very first ship Hardspace: Shipbreaker, the zero-gravity deep space salvage workplace simulator from Blackbird Interactive and Focus Entertainment. We want to keep the number of deaths and mutilations to a minimum as you get used to the thrill of salvaging every last piece of material and equipment on the ships you work on, so read this carefully as we share some of the best advice available. we can give Shipbreaker just starting.

Space may be cold and lonely, but profit always keeps us warm!

Get used to moving without gravity

The storage room is just like any office, only without air, gravity, or basic security measures. Be wary or get overwhelmed and panic? You’re as good as gone. It’s been zero days since we’ve had an accident, and that number hasn’t changed in years.

Hardspace Shipbreaker

Why is it so dangerous here? Without practice, it’s easy to lose control of your own movements and end up crashing into a solid object, floating in the oven, wasting salvage, or even causing your own death. To save on the cost of a new body, practice your moves until the space becomes your playground. So strap on your thrusters, take a deep breath of canned air and let’s get started.

Use your scanner to make a plan and your cutting tool to put it into action

The first ship you will salvage is a Mackerel, a relatively small transport ship. Think of every ship you save as a chicken wing: the goal is to get as much tissue from the bone as possible for the most profit. Everything wasted will be counted against you; deep-space salvage is a business where efficiency and precision are everything.

So when you’re presented with your first ship, you’ll want to use your scan tool to look at the ship’s layout and get an idea of ​​where the intersections are – the structures highlighted in yellow on the scanner that put the ships together – are. For now you’ll want to look for an open airlock or remove the bow thruster cap from the back of the ship.

Hardspace Shipbreaker

Once inside, use the laser cutter in the stinger configuration for maximum safety to melt each cut point, being careful not to overheat the laser cutter. The tool heat meter is located on the side of the hardware, and you’ll also hear a warning tone if you’re about to overheat – which could set your suit on fire and also burn or explode any flammable objects around you. More importantly, this can also kill you, and even if it doesn’t, it hurts quite a bit.

LYNX Counts Every Dollar, But You Shouldn’t

The more time you can spend salvaging, the more efficient you will be, so it will always be worth keeping an eye on your supplies, both for LYNX and for you!!

Everything you do in Hardspace: Shipbreaker during a shift in the campaign, resources cost. You need to fuel your thrusters, keep your air supply up to par, keep your suit in good condition and your consumables loaded. You can sometimes find supplies in the ships you are salvaging, but don’t bet on that; it’s important to pay attention to the levels of each of your resources so that you don’t suddenly find yourself struggling for breath because you were too focused on your cutting.

Hardspace Shipbreaker

Fortunately, LYNX thought ahead and provided you with a kiosk attached to your living space that will provide all of these essentials and more, as long as you can afford them. This is not the time to be tight with your money; dying and having to pay for a new body is much more money than investing in a safe and smooth service. Remember that each shift in campaign mode lasts 15 minutes, so it’s important to keep an eye on the clock to earn as much money as possible to repay your debt to LYNX.

Your attention is in many ways the most valuable resource of all. Spend it wisely! Follow this advice and you will have a great first day with Hardspace: Shipbreaker – now available on Xbox Series X|S and included with Xbox Game Pass.

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Hardspace: Shipbreaker

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Welcome to LYNX, the solar system’s leader in spaceship recovery! We offer you the privilege to help turn humanity’s past into its future by saving ships in zero-g. Every puzzle is a puzzle, and how you solve it is up to you! Make your way in, save everything and maximize your profits. Our advanced LYNX technology helps you get the job done. Cut metal with the laser cutter and use the gripper to easily move the shed. Earn upgrades such as demo costs, sensors, and safety equipment. Be careful where you point those tools! Hazards include explosive decompression, fuel, electricity and radiation. Your life is protected by our EverWork™ technology, but our profit is not. Your LYNX adventure begins now! Outstanding Account Balance is: 1,252,594,441.92 Credits Start paying that debt! Good luck, shipbreaker! • Experience everyday life as a handy spaceship salvager • Cut and destroy at will in a next-gen physics sim • Rescue an immersive campaign, relax in freeplay or take part in timed challenges • Explore a variety of ship types with unlimited variations • Upgrade tools and equipment to take on bigger and more difficult ships

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